︎ The Film Academy / Branding / Art & Creative Direction, Branding & Motion / 2018

The Film Academy of Viena is one of the best institutions devoted to education and training in the field of film and filmmaking in Europe.

They needed a new identity capable of represent the unique ways cinema can be make. 

The rebranding is focused on the different aspects ratios used throughout the history of cinema as an idea to represent the diversity of cinema and all the different emotions each film can transmit.

The brand is represented just by a simple rectangle which is 4.00:1 aspect ratio. An innovative technique used only in the movie "Napoleon" by Abel Gance in 1927. This represents the unique ways cinema can be make.

The graphic system is build by three of the most representative ratios in cinema history.

The layout is divided into three parts. The top segment is the 4.00:1 ratio, an unique format only used in the movie "Napoleon". The middle segment is the standard ratio used, from 1957 to 1970, in all movies, known as the "academy ratio". The bottom segment is the 2.39:1.

The animations were inspired by some of the most used filmaking techniques such as: panning, travelling or zoom. These animations help to reinforce the concept and turn the project into a real tribute to cinema.